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Manager or Leader? What is your Academic life training you for?

After the hectic journey of your academic life comes to an end, students need to step into the world of jobs and capitalize on the skills that they learnt over the years. During our journey starting at enrollment into business schools, to working in the co-operate world; we come across the phrase of "leadership" often. For a few minutes, cast aside the text book definitions and ask yourself how you personally define leadership? To some a leader is a person, who has the influencing power to take others along with him to achieve a common goal. Some describe leadership as the power of social influence, which is the power of a person to support others in the completion of a common task. Based on statistics, it has been proven that your personality traits have a great impact on the way you are shaped within the society, and the way you behave. Buy courseworks from us and we ensure you to become the leaders for tomorrow.

Leadership defines the person you are. In this world we live in, what is more effective? An autocratic style manager who wants their employees to carry out a monotonous style of working? Or a manager who posses leadership qualities to involve all his the employees in the decision making process? The leadership quality of a person defines the performance magnitude of the people working under his control. Yes, leaders are more effective than managers. A leader understands the notions and emotions of his subordinates and can relate to them. Buy coursework from us, and understand how your academic career will help you become a leader or a manager.

Leaders are not only a catalyst for achieving results in the most effective manner; they also make the difference in the satisfaction level of the organization. The impact of the relationship between the personality traits of the leaders and a project's success can be substantiated by follower satisfaction and lower absenteeism.

Furthermore, it is essential to clarify what exactly leaders do and what are those personality traits that impact the people around them working in increasing productivity?

According to Stephen P Robbins, "Leadership is the process of influencing a group towards the achieving goals and achieving the glory of success through a motivated pattern"

Managers are appointed to their position and they only can exercise their authorities through a formal route, whereas the leaders can emerge from a work group, therefore they can motivate people to work beyond their formal responsibilities. Hence, the area of leadership has always been the focal point of interest for the work groups and the organization.

Your academic life trains you to become the leader and the manager, which is needed when you step into the cooperate world. Applying Skills acquired and the knowledge gained are valuable when they are practically applied. The knowledge that you have gained from your academic life, let it be exams, writing a dissertation, or an assignment, helps groom you, and it helps you deal with real life situations. To be a great leader, you must apply the concepts you learned. However, it's also true that concepts learnt during our academic careers help groom our personality and make us great leaders and managers.

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